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2018 CMSA Fall Saturday League - Girls

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Friday, September 21, 2018

The 3 games this Saturday 9/22 at Sparrows Point HS have been relocated to Dundalk Community College (Turf) same times.

Please enter field from top parking lot. 

The games this Saturday & Sunday and the rest of the season that are on (Valley Fields South) have been relocated

to Orchard Hills Field #3 same times. 

All Saturday & Sunday games scheduled on Cedar Lane #5 have been relocated to Field #13 same times.

for the rest of the season. 

The games 9v9 scheduled on Rodgers Forge North Saturday and the balance of the season are being relocated

to Dumbarton MS Lower same times.


The games at Stansbury Park have been relocated to North Point Gov. Center Field #2 same times.


All teams meed to check their schedule the morning (around 11:00am) on game day. 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Team rosters must be on file with the association prior to the start of the season.  Teams unable to download their roster(s) by that time will need to contact CMSA to make arrangements to register their teams as SAY Academy teams until their other rosters have been processed. 

Teams that do not have processed and stamped rosters will be assessed with forfeits for every game played without a stamped roster.

Please refer to the information attached.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Your Program Chairperson and Field Coordinator was sent the following Make Up Information on 9/12

it is also being put out on the CMSA Face Book page.




Friday, September 7, 2018

Extended Registration Deadline: September 21st


Wednesday, August 22, 2018

 All Protests must be filed by the COACH of the team making the protest.

If the Officials do not check the team's rosters to see if they have the CMSA LEAGUE STICKER; than the teams must report this to their League Commissioner after the game.

Rosters & ID Cards are to be checked by the COACH or MANAGER. It is NOT the responsiblty of the Officials to check ID Cards. The Officials are responsible to  check the Rosters (Only) to verify that it has been Stamped for CMSA league play. The league roster needs to have the CMSA League Sticker, Expiration Date & Stamped by a Registrar. If the roster is not completed than the game needs to be reported as a Scrimmage Game. The referees will oversee the ID Check if the teams want to check the ID cards. Scrimmage games will be officiated by the Referees. 

Rosters & ID Cards are to be checked during check in. Any & all late arriving players must present their ID Card to the Official before they enter the game. If the opponent wants to question the eligibilty of the player it must be addressed with the referee when the player/players enter the game. If the players are not on the teams official League Approved Roster than the game will be declared a League Scrimmage Game & the Coach will be suspended for their next game. This must be reported to your League Commissioner after the game.

Officials are required to check the Team Rosters to verify that the game can be played as a League Approved Game.

Coaches/Managers need to check the ID Cards if not preformed No Protest can be filed.

This policy is also posted on the CMSA website in the forms section as #3 Standard Game Rules.



Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Whenever there are Inclement Weather Field Cancellation during the season; that information will be posted on this page of the website, and on the C.M.S.A. Facebook page.  The league does not send out emails or mass calls notifying individual teams and coaches of the closures.  It is the responsibility of the management of each team to check these two locations for cancellation information and to notify their families of any Field Cancellation.

PLEASE NOTE: Weather/Related Field cancellations will not be posted on the teams schedule only on the Home Page & Facebook Page.

Inclement weather field closings must be reported by the hosting program by email to the CMSA Office no later then 9:00 AM on game day (or if your venue is scheduled for morning games by 6:30 AM). Then the league will post on the CMSA Website those Fields that are cancelled (up untill 11:00 AM) after that the field cancellations are the responsibilty of the Officials.

Monday, August 20, 2018

All teams participating in any CMSA league; are required to observe the following protocols when playing on an opponents home field or any neutral site:

All venues are Smoke Free, Alcohol Free, and Pet Free.

No grills or cooking is allowed at any of the venues.

Please park in the designated area; and remember to clean up your sideline at the conclusion of the game.

Teams that have been assigned games at Genesee Valley will need to review the pdf file that has been posted on the CMSA Facebook page