The Central Maryland Soccer Association was created to promote the sport of soccer "as a complete entity." We believe that all teams and organizations, no matter on what level (recreation travel or club), deserve to be recognized and their participants represented equally. The CMSA recognizes the autonomy of all soccer organizations and their right to choose where they would like to affiliate. The CMSA will operate under an "open" membership policy recognizing all reciprocating USSF affiliates. MSYSA teams will need to affilate with either SAY (Soccer Association for Youth) or US Club to have the necessary insurance to play in these CMSA Leagues.


Understanding Rules & Policies


 (You can lead a horse to water but you can not make it drink)

Coaches, Managers, & Assistant coaches are advised every season to that time to read this leagues

Rules & Policies. If you don't than your players suffer the consequences.

The Rules & Ploicies that are posted are the same for every team in ths League.

Cancelled Games from 5/5 & 5/12


Teams that are trying to Make Up games on 5/19 must follow the Instructions Posted on the

Bye Request Form that is on the Website under the Forms Tab #6. or we Cannot Guarantee Officials.

Teams need to check with their Program Field Cooridnator to secure a field the league can not supply fields after 5/19.

Teams can Reschedule & Make Up games any time during the week or on the weekends of May 25th & 26th or June 1st & 2nd. 

The Spring League will end on June 2nd at 8:00 PM. All scores need to be reported by 8:00 PM on June 2nd.

The League needs 48 HR advance notice to get Officials.

CMSA League Approved Rosters & ID Cards


 All Protests must be filed by the Coach/Manager of the team making the protest.

Rosters & ID Cards are to be checked by the COACH or MANAGER of each team to verify that their opponents paperwork has been Certified & Stamped by a CMSA Registrar for league play. It is NOT the responsiblty of the Officials. The League Roster needs to have the CMSA League Sticker, Expiration Date & Stamped by a CMSA Registrar. All rosters & cards will be Laminated by the CMSA Registrars. If the roster is not complete than the game will be played and reported as a League Scrimmage Game. The Referees only need to oversee the Roster & ID Check when the teams are checking the paperwork. Scrimmage games will be officiated by the Referees.   

Rosters & ID Cards are to be checked during check in. Any & all late arriving players must present their ID Card to the Official before they enter the game. If the opponent wants to question the eligibilty of the player it must be addressed with the referee when the player/players enter the game. If the players are not on the teams official League Approved Roster than the game will be declared a League Scrimmage Game & the Coach will be suspended for their next game. This must be reported to your League Commissioner after the game.

Coaches/Managers need to check the Rosters & ID Cards if not preformed No Protest can be filed.

This policy is also posted on the CMSA website in the forms section as #3 Standard Game Rules.



CMSA Weather and Field Cancellation Notification Policy.


Whenever there are Inclement Weather Field Cancellation during the season; that information will be posted on this page of the website, and on the C.M.S.A. Facebook page.  The league does not send out emails or mass calls notifying individual teams and coaches of the closures.  It is the responsibility of the management of each team to check these two locations for cancellation information and to notify their families of any Field Cancellation.

PLEASE NOTE: Weather/Related Field cancellations will not be posted on the teams schedule only on the Home Page & Facebook Page.

Inclement weather field closings must be reported by the hosting program by email to the CMSA Office no later then 9:00 AM on game day (or if your venue is scheduled for morning games by 6:30 AM). Then the league will post on the CMSA Website those Fields that are cancelled (up untill 11:00 AM) after that the field cancellations are the responsibilty of the Officials.

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Tournament Information

2018 - 19 Tournaments Sponsored by CMSA

  •  Parkville Labor Day Tournament - September 2019
  •  Columbus Weekend Soccer Classic - October 2019
  •  Thanksgiving Tournament (Indoor at MD Sports Arena) (November, 2019)
  •  Holiday Indoor Showdown (December 2019 )
  • Old Line State Classic - April 27th & 28th, 2019   
  • Father's Day Clash (June 15th & 16th 2019)
  • 2021 US Club Soccer "Maryland Cup" (TBA)   
  • For add'l info regarding C.M.S.A. events; visit the Tournament section of this website


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