The Central Maryland Soccer Association was created to promote the sport of soccer "as a complete entity." We believe that all teams and organizations, no matter on what level (recreation travel or club), deserve to be recognized and their participants represented equally. The CMSA recognizes the autonomy of all soccer organizations and their right to choose where they would like to affiliate. The CMSA will operate under an "open" membership policy recognizing all reciprocating USSF affiliates.


Rosters & ID Cards


Beginning Sunday October 22 all Protests must come from the COACH of the team protesting.

Rosters & ID Cards need to be checked by the COACH/MANAGER. It is not the responsiblty of the Officials to check ID Cards.

Rosters & ID Cards are to be checked during check in. Any & all late arriving players players CAN NOT enter game until their ID Card has been checked and matches the teams (CMSA Stamped Certified Roster). This must be performed by the team managers. The team manager must take the player and their ID Card & team roster to the oppnents Manager for approval before half time is over.

Saturday & Sunday Scores


 Winning teams & games that were Tied MUST report their scores by Monday Evening.  Scrimmage Games get reported as 3-0 the loss goes to the team that forced the game to be a scrimmage game.  If both teams are at fault then the game score gets reported by the winning team. Scores need to be reported to the proper Scorekeeper their contact Info. is posted on the CMSA website under the Contacts Tab.

If the score is not reported by MONDAY EVENING the Winning team will be FINED $25.00 to post the score for the game. 

Venue fields and facility use regulation


All teams participating in any of the CMSA league; are required to observe the following protocols when playing on an opponents home field or any neutral site:

All venues are Smoke Free, Alcoho Free, and pet free.

No grills or cooking is allowed at any of the venues.

Please park in the designated area; and remember to clean up your sideline at the conclusion of the game.

Teams that have been assigned games at Geneesee Valley will need to review the pdf file that has been posted on the CMSA Facebook page  

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Tournament Information

Upcoming tournaments sponsored by CMSA:

  •  Parkville Labor Day Tournament - September 2nd - 3rd in Baltimore County - Parkville, MD                                                                                                                        (Registration closes on August 18th)
  • Columbus Weekend Soccer Classic - October 7th - 8th, 2017 in Carroll County, MD

Registration opens July 3rd and closes on September 22nd 

  • Thanksgiving Soccer Cup
  • Holiday Indoor Shoot-Out

 For more info regarding C.M.S.A. events; visit the Tournament section of this website


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