Items 1 and 2 under the Registration Procedures section must be completed prior to each season for a team to be officially registered in any CMSA League

Registration for Fall 2019 will open on 6/10/19 and close at 11:00 PM on July 31, 2019.

Registration Procedures

  1. All Saturday & Sunday league teams must Click here to complete the CMSA/ Stone Alley Online Registration  & Payment form. SUNDAY TEAMS (ONLY) must also  register through the Got Soccer Website (click here). Teams will need to pay their Fees by either Cerdit Card, Debit Card or through a Checking Account. All  Referee & League fees must be paid at the time that you register your team through CMSA/Stone Alley. If your Club/Program is paying your League & Referee Fees with one bulk check your  Chairperson will need to get a CODE  to allow the teams to Register. Check with you Club/Program Chairperson for your Code & payment status.
  2. Saturday & Sunday Leagues Registration Fees:
    1. Registration fee for U07 & U08 playing 4v4 is $285.00.
    2. U07 & U08 teams can register to play either 4v4 or 7v7 or both on different days.
    3. Teams playing 7v7, 9v9 & 11v11 is $485.00  (after the  July 31st. deadline - the registration fee will be $585.00 if we can place your team into the league). The Team management must read  #1 - 21 to the right in the YELLOW BOX under Forms & Policies. They should also go to the Policies Section (click on the Policies Tab in the Black Bar) & read this Leagues Policies that are posted. The referee fees are not included in the registration fee.
    4.  Saturday & Sunday Leagues  Referee Fees for 8 Games:
    5. The 4v4 league teams will not have  Referees 
      1. 7v7 play – Total Referee Fee is  $272.00– 1 Referee
      2. 9v9 play – Total Referee Fee is $400.00 – 2 Referees
      3. 11v11 play for U13 - U14 – Total Referee Fee is $500.00 – 2 Referees
      4. 11v11 play for U15 - U18 - Total Referee Fee is $580.00 - 2 Referees
      5. Forfeit bonds are requried for teams Without Fields (see the 2019 Spring League tab and the policies section  for the fees). Forfeit Bond checks need to be mailed to the league P.O. Box 18403,  Baltimore, MD 21237.