FALL/SPRING Season & Tournament Info
Friday, December 29, 2023

Coaches and/or Managers for league play:

Coaches/Managers should review their game schedule on Thursday prior to their upcoming weekend game for any possible schedule changes. Any changes made after 6pm on Thursday, your league commissioner will contact you with the scheduling change. 

If your team can not play the posted game, then you must contact your League Commissioner immediately and have the game cancelled. The canceling team will be responsible to contact their opponent and arrange to have the game rescheduled.  All rescheduled games must be sent in to your league commisioner.  Follow the revised instruction posted under the "POLICIES" section.


Coaches and/or Managers when registering for a tournament:

Coaches/Manageres after you register your team for any of our CMSA tournaments you will need to check and make sure that your their team is listed on the CMSA tournament page.  If your team is not listed than you have not completed the registration and/or you have not paid your fees through Stone Alley as required.