Weather Related Game Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

If you game was canceled by inclement weather, you will need to follow the instructions below.

The HOME team is responsible to reschedule the make-up game.

If your game was scheduled to be played on your Club/Program's Field than you are the HOME TEAM. If the teams were playing on a neutral site and neither team has a home field than you will need to contact your league commissioner to have the game scheduled by the league If you were playing on a neutral site, but one or both teams have a home field, then the make-up game can be rescheduled on either team’s field that is available.

If you do not have your opponent’s contact information, you will need to email your league commissioner for your opponent’s contact information. 

The Home Team needs to arrange the rescheduling of the make-up game with their opponent and it needs to be played before the season ends. The opponent should get no less than (3) dates to choose from (within reason) for the make-up game. After both teams agree on the make-up game schedule, the home team's coach will need to submit the rescheduling information of the date, time, and location using the link (Reschedule Request Form) on the league page in the dark blue section. Your league commissioner will be notified of the make-up/rescheduled game and it will be posted on the schedule page.

If the game cannot be rescheduled by the end of the season, the team that cannot agree to the reschedule of the game will be charged with a 3-0 loss and any fees that were assessed.


For the Fall leagues, if coaches are rescheduling a game on a Saturday and/or Sunday, the game will need to be scheduled either one hour before the first game on the field, or immediately following the last game scheduled on the field. Coaches must check with their Field Coordinator to make sure that the field is available and the times that CMSA has games scheduled that day. 

For the Spring league, coaches can reschedule make up games on Saturdays provided you or your opponent have a field available. Spring Sunday make-ups need to follow the instructions above as the Fall leagues or we cannot guarantee officials.

Fall or Spring make up games can also be rescheduled anytime during the week.