Player Transfer & Dual Roster Policy

Revised: 1/1/2024

Transferred Players

These players can only play for another team; as long as they listed on the new team’s official roster, and have a Picture ID (Players Card) of the same affiliation as the team.

Transferred players can play for any team as long as there are eligible; and have been processed through the teams USSF affiliate. All transferred players must be added to the new team's roster. Teams must follow the team placement prodecures listed under the POLICIES section.

All transferred roster changes must be completed through their current team USSF affiliate (SAY, MSYSA and US Club) and then processed by a CMSA registrar.

Dual Rostered Players

ONLY, for the Spring Season, The league will allow a player within their club/program to multi-roster a player within the same age group per following guidelines:

C Level: Multi-Rostered players can play up to either an A or B team,
B Level: Multi-Rostered players can play up to an A level team,
A Level: Cannot move down in competition; they can move up to the next Age level.

All players that are multi-rosterered must be listed on both team’s current season roster.

Any team found rostering a player into to the incorrect competition level; A Level down to the B or B down to C levels will be issued a 3 to 0 loss for all games played and will be dropped from awards competition.


For the Fall Season, The league will NOT allow players within their club/program to multi-roster players within the same age group. If a player is dual rostering, they can play for two teams provided they are playing up an age group for one of the teams. The player must appear on both CMSA league certified stamped team rosters. Again, a player cannot play on two teams in the same age group during the fall season.


Teams can still add new players, prior to their first game, following the same criteria as listed above. Players must be carded and rostered.

All League rosters are frozen as of the 13th day of the season.